Omne Agate Systems pioneered Advanced Metering Infrastructure in India and has the largest number of installations in the country. Our work results in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Carbon Reduction.
Omne Agate manufactures various products to improve the usage of power in the various consumer segments. This results in a clear understanding of energy usage so that the usage can be optimized.
Omne Agate offers several services and solutions that are customized to suit individual requirements. This results in user friendly and environment friendly solutions so that future generations can be helped.
News & Events : Omne Agate has been empanelled as Meter Data Acquisition Solution Provider (MDASP) by Power Finance Corporation, a nodal agency nominated by Government of India.       Omne Agate has been empaneled as an ESCO.     Omne Agate's Energy Meters are now DLMS certified.